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Quantum Control
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Open Quantum Systems
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Levy Research Group
About Our Research
Progress in quantum technologies relies on understanding how quantum phenomena govern the dynamics of quantum systems far from equilibrium and on identifying the available quantum resources. This knowledge then allows us to manipulate the systems in order to obtain a desired outcome. Our group seeks to:

(i) Develop dynamical descriptions that capture effects of quantum phenomena on the single-atom/molecule level and for systems far-from-equilibrium.
(ii) Identify quantum resources and utilize them in controlling quantum transport processes and quantum state preparation.
(iii) Thoroughly define the relationship between quantum effects and concepts from non-equilibrium thermodynamics.
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Dr. Amikam Levy
Short Bio
Amikam obtained his BSc and MSc from the physics department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 2017 he received his PhD from the chemistry department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, working with Professor Ronnie Kosloff.

During his PhD he worked on thermodynamics in the quantum regime, studying the interplay between thermodynamic principles and quantum phenomena